The Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company has changed the timetable of the Lviv-Kyiv high-speed train to allow passengers arriving from Poland to catch the train. The changes to the timetable will take effect on 28 March, the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia announced.

Currently, passengers traveling from Poland are unable to catch a connecting train in Lviv because the train No. 36 Wroclaw-Krakow-Lviv arrives at 06:03 while the Intercity+ train No. 744 Lviv-Kyiv departs at 05:55.

The high-speed train will depart from Lviv at 06:20 from 28 March, thus making such connections possible. It will arrive at the Kyiv-Passenger train station at 11:19 and arrive at the Darnytsia train station in the eastern part of the city at 11:42.

Passengers traveling to Poland will have between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours to switch trains in Lviv. The train No. 743 Kyiv-Lviv will arrive at its final destination at 22:21. The train No. 35 Lviv-Krakow-Wroclaw will depart at 23:59 and the train No. 51 Lviv-Krakow-Wroclaw will depart exactly one hour earlier. The trains No. 35 and No. 51 alternate, depending on travel dates.

The trains will arrive at the Lviv station on the same platform. Therefore, transfers will be a matter of getting out of one train and getting into the train parked opposite.

The travel time on the proposed Kyiv-Krakow route will be 12.5 hours and the travel time to Wroclaw and Warsaw will be about 16 hours.