The State Railway Administration (Ukrzaliznytsia) will use its own funds to build 140 freight cars before the end of the year, the press service of the railway administration announced in a statement.

In particular, the Darnitsky Railcar Repair Plant will build 50 gondola cars while Ukrspetsvagon will build 30 gondola cars and 60 ore-pellet cars.

Thus far, the enterprises have built more than 70 new railcars that are operating on Ukrainian railways, the statement said.

It will be cheaper to build railcars at the plants controlled by Ukrzaliznytsia. "For example, the market value of a gondola car is UAH 555,600, excluding VAT, while a gondola car built at our own factories cost UAH 449,000," the statement said.

Ukrainian railways were operating 176,000 railcars as of mid-October 2014. The fleet of railcars of enterprises controlled by Ukrzaliznytsia total nearly 112,000, including 50,700 gondola cars, and the average wear percentage is 89%.