Another train from Ukraine to Poland will be launched on the Zdolbuniv-Kovel-Chelm route with introduction of the new 2017/2018 train timetable, the Ukrainian Railways public joint-stock company (Ukrzaliznytsia) has announced.

It will be the second train to Chelm (Poland). Ukrzaliznytsia launched the first in June. Both trains will operate daily throughout the year.

The routes will be serviced by a Pesa 630M rail bus, which is made up of two class-II wagons with the capacity of 187 passengers.

From December 10, the train No. 751 will depart from Zdolbuniv at 06:00 and arrive at its final destination at 10:25, local time. It will make stops in Rivne, Kivertsi, and Kovel. The Kovel-Chelm train No. 753 will depart at 15:17 and arrive in Chelm at 17:05, local time. In the opposite direction, the train No. 754 will depart from Chelm at 10:55, local time, and arrive in Kovel at 14:47, Kyiv time.

The Chelm-Zdolbuniv train No. 752 will depart from Chelm at 17:35, local time, make stops in Kovel, Kivertsi, and Rivne, and arrive in Zdolbuniv at 00:08.

The international rail link between Kovel and Chelm was established in June 2017. The route was extended to Zdolbuniv in September. According to the Lviv Railway’s suburban passenger transport service, trains from Zdolbuniv to Chelm are 100% full and the trains on the return journey 30-40% full.

The fares are approximately UAH 354 from Zdolbuniv to Chelm and about UAH 212 from Kovel to Chelm.