Hackers attacked the radio network of the Polish railway company PKP in Poland in the early hours of 26 August and sent an unauthorized radio signal for an emergency train stop.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Wprost publication.

A spokesperson for the Polish railways confirmed that a hacker attack had taken place. According to her, over 20 trains were forcibly stopped in the Szczecin area at about 23:30. Rail traffic in the area resumed at around 02:00.

However, the situation has begun to repeat itself in other parts of Poland.

There was another incident involving the unauthorized transmission of a radio signal to stop trains on the Warsaw-Bialystok route on Sunday, 27 August, and trains were stopped again. Rail traffic was stopped twice on the Sokółka - Szepietowo route around noon, and four passenger trains and three freight trains were stopped.

A similar incident occurred on the railroad line between Białogard and Runowo Pomorskie in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

According to the report, the incident was reported to the relevant agencies, including the Internal Security Agency, the police, the Railway Guard, and the rail carriers PKP Intercity, Polregio, and PKP Cargo.

A special group consisting of representatives of the railway infrastructure manager and rail carriers was also set up to constantly monitor the situation and ensure the safe and efficient organization of rail traffic.

According to the report, the Polish police have already arrested two men aged 24 and 29 on suspicion of involvement in the unauthorized transmission of stop signals.

Three serious rail incidents occurred in Poland on 24 August. A Warsaw-bound passenger train derailed in Białystok. A freight train collided with a Koleje Mazowieckie train in Skierniewice (Łódź province), causing a locomotive to derail. Nine cars of a freight train derailed in Poznań. No one was injured in any of these incidents.