The United States and its European allies are working to export grain from Ukraine by rail, including by building silos on Ukraine's border.

United States President Joe Biden stated this in a speech, the CFTS portal reports, citing the European Pravda publication.

"I am working closely with our European partners to get 20 million tons of grain locked in Ukraine out onto the market to help bring down food prices," he said.

He expressed the opinion that the grain could not be exported through the Black Sea because it would “get blown out of the water."

"So, we are working on a plan to get it out through other countries by rail. Ukraine has a system like Russia has — a rail gauge that is different from the gauge of the rest of the tracks in Europe. So, we are going to build silos — temporary silos — on the borders of Ukraine, including in Poland, so we can transfer it from those cars into those silos, into cars in Europe, and get it out to the ocean, and get it across the world," Biden said.