The Yuzhny division of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority invited tenders for performance of dredging work in the Chornomorsk seaport via the ProZorro electronic procurement system on November 14.

As part of the reconstruction of the port’s maritime approach channel and the operating area of ​​the first bucket of the Dry Liman, their depths are expected to be increased to 16 meters and 15 meters, respectively.

The tender is divided into two lots – one for reconstruction of the maritime approach channel and the other for reconstruction of the operational water area of ​​the Dry Liman’s first bucket.

In total, 1.99 million cubic meters of soil (504,000 cubic meters in the first lot and 1.486 million cubic meters in the second) is expected to be removed during the dredging work.

The entire work is expected to cost UAH 444.8 million (UAH 91.769 million for the first lot and UAH 353.032 million for the second), excluding VAT.

"All the conditions necessary for safe and unhindered approach of large-capacity vessels to the active deep-water berths and those under reconstruction will exist at the Chornomorsk seaport after implementation of these projects," the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority quoted the Yuzhny port authority’s head Maksym Shirokov as saying. He added that this would allow increase of the transshipment volume in the Chornomorsk seaport. 

Ukrainian and international companies are invited to submit tenders. Tenders will be accepted until January 23, 2018, inclusive.