The Agrostudio Group and the Belarusian Shipping Company have jointly loaded a batch of wheat onto the Nadezhda motor ship and a non-self-propelled barge, the CFTS portal reports, citing Latifundist.

The Agrostudio Group shipped 1,300 tons of wheat from the Stayki port locality to the Mykolaiv port in cooperation with Bunge SA. This was a significant event for the company because it was the first grain shipment from the northernmost shipping point in Ukraine.

According to the Agrostudio Group’s Director Oleksandr Yakubin, this was the first shipment by the company’s river shipping division.

“In the future, we plan to increase the volume of shipments, improve the technical facilities, and develop this area of logistics, among other services provided by the Agrostudio Group,” he said.

The Nadezhda river/sea cargo vessel was built at the Gomel shipyard in 2002 and modernized in 2013. The vessel was built for transportation of potash fertilizers. It delivered potash fertilizers to the Mykolaiv seaport for some time, after which it was not used for a long period.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, Belarusian and Ukrainian experts are exploring the possibility of resuming shipping on River Pripyat. The E-40 waterway will connect the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea through the Vistula, Western Bug, Pripyat, and Dnipro rivers.