The Wizz Air airline company is concerned that the adoption of the new rules for granting airline companies access to air routes may stop the development of the Wizz Air Ukraine airline company or even lead to its closure if it fails to secure the ability to operate, Wizz Air Ukraine’s General Director Akos Bus has told the LigaBusinessInform publication.

According to him, the airline company intends to challenge the document. "We have participated in forums of experts and the State Aviation Service’s debates and written letters to the authorities to explain why this step is insufficiently thought through. However, we see that our voice was not heard, and the conditions in the document have become stricter and stricter,” he said.

Bus said that the document violated the rules of the open market. "The authorities are talking about transparent and clear rules for obtaining permission to operate flights, but the document is at odds with them," said the company's general director.

According to him, the document establishes stricter rules and conditions for airline companies compared with those that have existed previously. However, the airline industry expected restrictions to become fewer and all rules to be harmonized with the rules of the European Union, considering the fact that Ukraine is striving to meet the standards of the European Union’s open skies. "The document is at odds with the rules of the open market and aims to protect the interests of one group," he said.

"This document establishes rules for airlines registered in Ukraine that are seeking to obtain flight allocations from the State Aviation Service. Therefore, the number of air carriers and the number of routes may reduce," said Bus.