The Yuzhny seaport has expanded the list of port operators, at the berths of which the processing of vessels may be performed in the "free practice" mode (transshipment immediately after the mooring of vessels), the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure has announced.

Since the spring of this year, "free practice" - the first module of the Port Community Information System (PCIS) that is being introduced at the Yuzhny seaport - has applied to ships that moor at the port’s berths Nos. 1-4 (operated by the Odessa portside plant). This procedure is now allowed for vessels being processed at the berths Nos. 5-9 and No. 17 (TIS-Mineral Fertilizers).

More than 20 vessels have been processed at the port since the beginning of the introduction of the simplified scheme. The first agents to use electronic processing of vessels were the SMT-Yuzhny and Portinvest Logistic companies.

"Free practice" is expected to extend to vessels being processed in other berths at TIS’ terminals in the nearest future, the ministry said in a press release.

As reported, a ship-processing procedure that provides for sharing information with agents, port operators, regulatory agencies, and other agencies simultaneously in paper and electronic forms has been in use at the Yuzhny seaport since 12 March 2014. This procedure allows the use of "free practice."