The Yuzhny commercial seaport is capable of handling vessels with a maximum draft of 17.5 meters from May 23, the port announced in a press release.

"In accordance with an order by the Yuzhny port administration’s head Maksym Shirokov, the port approved the maximum possible draft of vessels inside its approach and internal channels at 17.5 meters on May 23. This provides the capacity to handle vessels with drafts of up to the declared draft near the berths Nos. 5 and 6, through which the state enterprise Yuzhny commercial seaport (the coal and ore complex) performs transshipment of cargo," the statement said.

According to a press release, dredging at the Yuzhny port is taking place as part of the implementation of a project for reconstruction of the approach channel from the sea and the approaches to the port’s deep-water berths from inland waters. The Administration of Commercial Seaports of Ukraine is implementing the project jointly with the Moebius Construction Ukraine company.