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Turkish Airlines Launches Flights To Slovak Airport Near Ukraine

Turkish Airlines has operated its first scheduled flight from Istanbul to the Kosice Airport (Slovakia), which is located 90 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

Polish Company To Include Chornomorsk And Odesa In Europe-Turkey Transport Route

The PKP LHS company will conclude an agreement with companies from Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey on the organization of inter-modal transport from Europe to the East in the near future.

Antonov Passenger And Cargo Aircraft To Be Produced In Turkey

Passenger and transport aircraft developed by Ukraine’s Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise will be produced in Turkey.

Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights To Ivano-Frankivsk Due To Airport Restrictions

Turkish Airlines has canceled Istanbul - Ivano-Frankivsk flights for at least the next few days due to restrictions at the Ukrainian airport

Passenger Traffic Through Lviv Airport Increases By 15.8% In March

The Lviv airport handled 35,100 passengers in March, which is 15.8% more than the number it handled during the same period last year.

UIA To Launch Direct Flights From Kyiv To Ankara

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) will launch direct flights from Kyiv to Ankara (Turkey) in the winter season, which will begin on 30 October 2016.

Turkish Company Proposes Building New Grain Terminal At Ukrainian Seaport

The Molino company (Turkey) proposed to investors a project for construction of a modern grain transshipment complex with high-speed loading of vessels.

Turkish Airlines Launches Flights From Ivano-Frankivsk

Turkish Airlines has launched a number of flights from Ivano-Frankivsk. Dmytro Romaniuk, a director of department at the Ivano-Frankivsk regional administration, announced this.

Turkish Airlines Introduces Promotional Ticket Prices For Ivano-Frankovsk – Istanbul Flights

The flights will be operated daily from 30 March.

Ukraine And Turkey Agree To Significantly Expand Container Transportation

In addition, the declaration states that Ukraine and Turkey should complete the negotiations on establishment of a bilateral free trade area in 2016.

Turkish Airlines To Begin Flying To Ivano-Frankivsk In Late March

The Ivano-Frankivsk airport has announced that the Turkish Airlines will launch daily flights from Istanbul to the airport on March 27, when the summer flight schedule enters into effect.

Ukraine And Turkey To Resume Talks On Free Trade Area

The Ukrainian prime minister thanked Turkey for providing a five-year loan of USD 50 million.

Turkish Airlines Planning To Launch Flights To Ivano-Frankivsk

Turkish Airlines is considering the possibility of launching regular flights to the Ivano-Frankivsk airport. The pilot flight is planned for March this year.

Number Of Weekly Flights From Ukraine To Turkey Exceeds 100

Of the 109 regular flights that are performed between Turkey and Ukraine per week, excluding charter flights to holiday destinations, 63 are performed by three Turkish airlines and 46 by three Ukrainian airlines.

Skadovsk Port To Receive Ferry From Zonguldak Weekly Until End Of Year

The owner of the Turkish ferry that operates between Zonguldak and Skadovsk has approved a timetable according to which the ferry will travel to Ukraine once a week until the end of 2015.

Ukraine And Turkey To Accelerate Talks On Free Trade Area

Ukraine and Turkey will accelerate talks on introduction of a free trade area between the two countries. The talks took place at an international forum in Kenya.

What Ukraine is Offering Turkey as Replacement for Russian Products

Experts estimate the annual volume of agricultural products that Russian exports to the Turkish market at USD 2.4 billion and the annual volume of mining and metals products at USD 1.6 billion. Russia’s sanction against Turkey opens prospects for Ukrainian exports to Turkey to increase by USD 4 billion.

Ukraine Ready To Replace Russia On Turkish Steel And Iron Ore Market

In addition to coal, Ukrainian products can successfully replace all the other products of the mining and metals industry. Analyst of CFTS-Consulting Andrii Isaiev comments on the prospects for Ukraine's metallurgy.

Turkish-Kazakh-Azeri-Georgian Consortium To Transport Cargo From China To Europe Via Ukraine

Representatives of major transport and logistics operators from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia have agreed at a meeting in Istanbul to establish a consortium for transporting goods from China to Europe, including Northern and Eastern Europe, through Ukraine.

Ukraine Ready To Replace Russian Grain Exports To Turkish Market

Ukrainian grain exports to Turkey could increase if Russian traders stopped exporting to the country, the Ukrainian Grain Association’s President Volodymyr Klimenko has said.

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