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The Russian invaders have shipped a new batch of grain stolen from Ukrainian farmers to the port of the temporarily occupied Mariupol.

The occupation administration of the Donetsk region announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

The batch of 7,800 tons of grain was shipped from the port warehouse.

According to the occupiers themselves, they have shipped over 21,000 tons of agricultural products from Mariupol since the beginning of 2024.

As the CFTS portal reported previously, the occupiers sent five vessels with grain stolen from Ukrainian farmers from the port of Mariupol in January 2024. A total of 1,700 tons of wheat was loaded on a ship that left the port of Mariupol on 1 February.

On 5 January, it was reported that approximately 14,000 tons of grain stolen from Ukrainian farmers were exported through the port of Mariupol. In total, two batches of wheat totaling 13,700 tons, taken from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, were shipped through the port.

As reported earlier, the Russians sent 17 vessels to Mariupol and Berdiansk in October last year to collect stolen cargo. In addition, the Russian occupiers announced an increase in the volume of cargo transshipment in the occupied ports in October, compared with September.