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Russian Occupiers Bringing Weapons Into Berdiansk Port And Exporting Stolen Scrap Metal

The Russian occupiers have also widened the road near the Sea of Azov, and they are attempting to build a railway to relieve the Kerch Bridge.

Russians Send 17 Vessels With Stolen Cargo To Mariupol And Berdiansk In October

The occupiers claim that transshipment in the occupied ports increased compared with September.

The Russian Occupiers Claim To Have Appropriated The Property Of The Port Of Berdyansk

Russian Barge Re-Enters Occupied Berdiansk Port To Export Ukrainian Grain

The Samarskaya-1 barge began appearing in the port of Berdiansk in April 2023.

Russians Again Loading Stolen Ukrainian Grain In Berdiansk Port - Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff

The occupiers are also transporting looted property from the Zaporizhia region in military vehicles.

Ukrainian Grain And Steel Being Loaded Onto 2 Russian Ships In Berdiansk Port

The occupiers continue to steal Ukrainian agricultural products.

2 Russian Ships Enter Berdiansk Port To Load Stolen Grain In 1 Week

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has confirmed reports of Russian merchant ships entering the port.

Russians Exporting Stolen Corn Through Berdiansk Seaport

The occupiers continue to appropriate Ukrainian grain.

Russian Occupiers Add Mariupol And Berdiansk Seaports To Russian Register Of Seaports

Russia also plans to add the navigable section of the waterways in the Kherson region to the List of Russian inland waterways.

Russian Occupiers Preparing To Ship Large Amounts Of Stolen Grain From Zaporizhia Region

They plan to export grain from the 2023 harvest.

Russians Continue Exporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain Through Berdiansk Port

A Russian ship carrying Ukrainian wheat left the port recently.

The Russian occupiers intensified the export of stolen Ukrainian grain by rail from Berdyansk

Occupiers continue to steal grain on an industrial scale.

Russian Occupiers Appropriate Kernel And Asket Shipping Companies’ Assets In Zaporizhia Region

Russians are using at least two ships to transport stolen grain from the Berdiansk port.

Turkish Authorities Release Ship Carrying Stolen Ukrainian Grain

The Turkish ambassador in Kyiv was summoned to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with this.

Turkey Detains Ship Transporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Berdiansk

The vessel belongs to a company based in Kazakhstan.

Russians Send First Shipload Of Stolen Ukrainian Grain From Berdiansk Port

The ship’s consignment consists of 7,000 tons of stolen grain.

Large Russian Landing Ship Destroyed In Berdiansk

Russian ammunition is detonating in the port.

20% Discount Approved For Delivery Of Goods To Berdiansk And Mariupol Seaports By Rail

Cargo flows to the ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk have reduced significantly due to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation.

State Aviation Service: Mariupol And Berdiansk Airports Cannot Yet Be Opened

The Mariupol and Berdiansk airports will be able to reopen “if the buffer zone of the military conflict reduces”.

Russia’s Blockade Of Sea Of Azov Costs Ukraine UAH 10 Billion - Omelian

These are the cumulative losses of the ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk, as well as the region.

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