Border towns in Slovakia and Hungary are flooded with foreign-registered cars abandoned by Ukrainian drivers, the CFTS portal reports, citing the website.

In Slovakia, local residents near the border checkpoint of Maly Berezny-Ubla are saying that Ukrainians have begun asking them for permission to leave their cars in their courtyards. As a result, almost every courtyard has been turned into a mass parking lot for foreign-registered cars abandoned by Ukrainian citizens.

The situation in Hungary is similar. Large numbers of cars are practically being left in fields on the border with Ukraine. "Usually for several days. For example, if their documents are not in order. However, I have seen some standing for years. They are being dismantled for use as parts. It is unclear who does this. Perhaps the local people," said Ishtvan, a transporter from Berehove who crosses the border practically every day.

As of the end of November, the number of foreign-registered vehicles abandoned by Ukrainian citizens near the Luzhanka-Beregsurány border crossing alone had reached about 100. Mass parking of cars that have not undergone customs clearance can also be seen on Google Maps.

As reported, the Ukrainian parliament changed the taxation of imported cars with foreign registration on November 8. The parliament also adopted a law tightening control over the movement and use of vehicles registered in other countries.