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Construction Of River And Sea Terminal Begins In Kherson Region

The new terminal in Hola Prystan will become Nibulon’s second facility in Kherson region

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company To Scrap 9 Barges

The company will use the proceeds to renew its fleet

Nibulon Adds 50th Vessel To Its Fleet

The vessel has a total cargo hold capacity of 2,850 cubic meters.

Nibulon’s Terminal On River Dnipro Receives First Million Tons Of Agricultural Products

The transshipment terminal was commissioned in 2012.

Nibulon Launches 90-Meter Vessel

The barge has a length of 90 meters, a width of 16 meters, and a displacement of 3,750 tons.

UDP Sets Cargo Transport Record Second For Consecutive Month

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company transported 270,000 tons of cargo in In July and 290,000 tons in August.

Cargo Fleet Travels On Southern Bug River To Voznesensk For First Time In 25 Years

The non-self-propelled vessel was loaded with 2,000 tons of wheat harvested in 2016.

UDP Sets Record For Monthly Cargo Transport Volume

Two types of cargoes accounted for the increase in cargo transport volume.

Ukraine Signs Danube Declaration On Development Of Inland Waterways

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Viktor Dovhan signed the Danube Declaration on Development of Inland Waterways.

Nibulon Launches First Of Eight Grain Barges Under B2000 Project

The Nibulon shipyard launched the first of eight barges under the B2000 project, which will be used for transporting grain on the Southern Bug River.

Transportation Of Goods On River Dnipro Can Reach 20 Million Tons Per Year – Hermes Trading

The volume of export of Ukrainian grain and oil cargoes will reach 44.4 million tons by the 2024/25 marketing year and it can further increase to 100 million tons, with up to 20% of this volume being transported on River Dnipro.

Ukrainian Cruise Ships To Work On Danube In 2016

he Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP) has found work for all the four cruise vessels in its fleet in 2016. Two of them are chartered by a hotel in Austria, two others will operate on the Passau-Budapest-Passau line.

Nibulon To Launch New Terminal On Southern Bug River In June

The Nibulon company plans to launch a transshipment terminal on the Southern Bug River in the village of Buhske (Voznesenskyi district of the Mykolaiv region) in June 2016.

Belarus Is Interested In Launching Baltic-Black Sea Waterway

Belarus is interested in restoration of the E-40 waterway, which connects the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. With the help of this waterway, Belarus plans to attract transit cargo by river.

Ukrrichflot’s Net Profit Increases Almost 7-Fold In 2015

The Ukrrichflot shipping company (Kyiv) made a net profit of UAH 60.599 million in 2015, which is 6.8 times more than its net profit in 2014, according to preliminary data.

Ukrainian-Romanian Ferry To Be Built Across River Danube In October

Work on construction of a ferry across River Danube between Orlovka (Ukraine) and Isaccea (Romania) in the Reni district of the Odesa region will be completed in October this year.

Cargo Transportation By Water Increases By 8.4% In 2015

The volume of cargo transported by water in Ukraine increased by 8.4% to 6.4 million tons in 2015, compared with a year earlier.

Nibulon Begins Construction Of New Grain Terminal On Southern Bug River

This will be the company’s third elevator complex in the Nikolayev region and the second on the Southern Bug River.

Nibulon To Begin Dredging Southern Bug River Before End Of October

The river will become so shallow that movement of vessels will essentially become impossible in the future if this problem is ignored.

Infrastructure Ministry To Significantly Reduce Cost Of Transporting Cargo On River Dnieper

According to Vaskov, only 0.5 percent of the total volume of cargo transported in the country is transported on River Dnieper.

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