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Over 300 Foreign Seafarers ‘Stuck’ In Ukrainian Ports Because Of War

The fates of the foreign seafarers depend on Russia’s actions and decisions.

Lloyd's Of London To Continue Insuring Shipments Via Grain Export Corridor In 2023 Without Rate Increases

War and other insurance rates are generally expected to rise sharply across the board next year because of the conflict, natural catastrophes, and high inflation.

Ukraine’s Noosfera Icebreaker Begins New Antarctic Season

The current expedition is a joint Ukrainian-Polish expedition financed mainly by the Polish Antarctic Program.

8 Ships Carrying 238,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports

In total, 13.8 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products have been exported under the Black Sea Grain Initiative since 1 August.

Ships Linked to Russia’s Biggest Grain Exporter Moved Stolen Ukrainian Cargo - WSJ

CFTS re-publishes The Wall Street Journal’s investigation about how vessels associated with the largest Russian grain trader shipped thousands of tons of stolen Ukrainian grain to global buyers using a complex system of feeder vessels and floating cranes.

Ukrainians Raise Funds For Purchasing 25 Marine Drones

Citizens of the Baltic States have also joined the fundraising initiative.

Cargo Turnover Of Ukraine’s Danube Ports Increases To 11 Million Tons In January-September 2022

The turnover increased 3.5-fold, compared with the same period last year.

Ukraine Proposes Turkey And UN Expand Grain Deal To Other Types Of Cargoes

A decision on the extension of the deal is expected next week.

88 Vessels Awaiting Permission To Enter Ukrainian Ports Under Black Sea Grain Initiative - JCC

18 loaded vessels are preparing for inspection in Turkish territorial waters.

Lloyd's Resumes Cargo Insurance For Black Sea Grain Corridor

Other insurers also provide insurance cover through the Ascot facility.

17 Vessels Pass Through Humanitarian Maritime Corridor In 2 Days Under Grain Initiative - Infrastructure Ministry

In the three months since the launch of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 422 vessels have exported almost 10 million tons of agricultural products.

12 Ships Leave Greater Odesa Ports On Monday Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The "grain corridor" continues to operate.

NATO Calls On Russia To Extend Grain Agreement

The NATO secretary general has called on Russia not to prevent the supply of food to those who need it the most.

Second Vessel Carrying Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Algeria Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The vessel covered the distance from the port of Chornomorsk to the port of Algiers in 25 days, out of which it idled for 14 days in the Bosporus, waiting for inspection by the JCC.

Ukraine Working To Broaden Range Of Goods Exported From Its Ports

According to Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey, the possibility of broadening the range of the goods is being considered for the future.

Russia Threatening To Withdraw From Grain Initiative If Its Demands Not Met

The "grain agreement" will expire in November, by which time it must be extended.

6 Ships Loaded With 154,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports

In total, 7.38 million tons of Ukrainian food have already been exported since the first vessel departed under the Grain Initiative.

7 Ships Leave Odesa, Pivdennyi, And Chornomorsk Ports On Tuesday Under Grain Initiative

7 million tons of agricultural products have been exported since the departure of the first ship carrying Ukrainian food

Over 6 Million Tons Of Ukrainian Agricultural Products Exported Under Grain Initiative - UN

In total, 561 vessels have been enabled.

6 Ships Carrying Agricultural Products Leave Greater Odesa Ports On Wednesday

The ships are carrying 115,500 tons of grain intended for countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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