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33 Ships With 719,000 Tons Of Agricultural Products Departed From The Ports Of Ukraine Within The Framework Of "Grain Corridor"

Another 18 vessels are being loaded and waiting for departure.

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Planning To Increase Its Fleet Of Barges To 225

This is about 10% more than the number of vessels currently in operation.

Ship Carrying 33,000 Tons Of Ukrainian Grain Arrives In Ireland

This grain shipment was one of the first to leave Ukraine under the grain export agreement brokered by the UN and Turkey.

25 Ships With Grain Have Already Left Three Ukrainian Ports Within The Framework Of The "Grain Corridor"

In particular, another ship with Ukrainian grain chartered for African countries left the port of Chornomorsk today.

UN Secretary General Appoints Permanent Coordinator Of Center For Exporting Grain From Ukraine

He is the former deputy director of the United Nations’ World Food Program.

The Seventh And So Far The Largest Caravan Of Vessels With Grain Departed From Ukrainian Ports On Tuesday

The convoy of five merchant ships is already moving towards Bosphorus.

River Danube’s Bystre Estuary Reopened To Ships

The estuary was temporarily closed after three incidents involving ships and explosive devices.

87 Ships Transporting Stolen Ukrainian Grain - Ukrainian Ambassador To Lebanon

Ships loaded in the Crimea turn off their transponders, giving reason to suspect them of participation in illegal schemes.

Ship Arrives In Ukrainian Port For Loading For First Time Since 24 February

The bulk carrier arrived from Turkey.

Extension Of Safe Maritime Corridor For Grain Export To Include Metal Products And Ore Proposed

Like grain, ore and metal products are one of the main sources of foreign-exchange earnings for Ukraine.

First Ship Carrying Ukrainian Grain Arrives At Final Destination

It was not the first ship to leave Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the war.

UDP Fleet Continuing Operations Only In Lower Danube Due To Shallow Waters

Water levels in the River Danube are abnormally low.

The First Ship With Ukrainian Grain Passed The Inspection And Is Ready To Proceed To Its Destination Point

On the example of Razoni, all necessary control and coordination measures between Ukraine and the UN and Turkey are being finalized and worked out.

The First Ship With Ukrainian Grain Left The Port Of Odesa

26,000 tons of Ukrainian corn are on board.

Cargo Transshipment In Ukraine’s Danube Ports Up 3.7-Fold Since March - Infrastructure Ministry

According to the minister of infrastructure, work is currently underway to develop auxiliary railway infrastructure to increase the export potential of ports.

Russian Occupiers Appropriate Kernel And Asket Shipping Companies’ Assets In Zaporizhia Region

Russians are using at least two ships to transport stolen grain from the Berdiansk port.

After the liberation of Snake Island, it became possible to use the estuary of Bystre on the Danube

The first vessels have already used the restored waterway.

Approximately 10 Days Needed To Clear Mines From Ukrainian Ports - Opinion

However, a diplomatic solution is needed to lift the blockade of Ukrainian ports.

Projects To Increase Throughput Capacity Of Danube Ports Require Investment Of USD 200 Million - Kubrakov

Modernization of the ports will increase their throughput capacity to 25 million tons of cargo per year.

Businesses Propose Action Plan To Speed Up Freight Transportation On River Danube

In particular, they propose considering the possibility of cargo transshipment in the roadsteads of the ports of Sulina and Constanta, as well as at “Mile 61 of River Danube,” when there are no free ports.

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