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Smart Maritime Group Repairs Or Upgrades 46 Vessels In 2016

The main contract was for construction of a 22-meter garbage oil collector vessel

Japan’s Largest Shipping Company NYK Eyeing Chornomorsk Port

The Japanese rated the port’s infrastructure as satisfactory.

Rada To Open Ukrainian Rivers To Foreign Vessels

The number of vessels operating under the Ukrainian flag reduces every year.

Ukraine Decides To Sell Black Sea Shipping Company

The initial value of the company’s fixed assets was UAH 180.4 million

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Adds 60 Vessels To Its Fleet

The contract for construction of the barges was concluded during the Soviet era.

China Using Icebreaker Bought From Ukraine For Arctic Research For Over 20 Years

Xue Long icebreaker was acquired from Ukraine in 1993.

UDP Launches New Tourist Route From Danube Delta To Central Europe

Previously, the company operated only as a ship owner leasing vessels to travel companies.

Poland To Build Sea Canal Bypassing Russia By 2021

The new canal will help to attract cargoes to the port of Elblag.

Nibulon To Begin Transporting Passengers On High-Speed Hydrofoil Boats

US And Dutch Experts To Begin Reforming Ukrainian Maritime Industry In October

The Maritime Administration of Ukraine will be created.

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company To Scrap 9 Barges

The company will use the proceeds to renew its fleet

Ukraine Sues Russia For Violating UN Convention On Law Of Sea

Ukraine will protect its rights as a coastal state in the maritime areas adjacent to the Crimea.

Nibulon Launches 90-Meter Vessel

The barge has a length of 90 meters, a width of 16 meters, and a displacement of 3,750 tons.

Ukraine’s Ocean Fleet Transfers UAH 13 Million In Dividends Into State Budget

The total profit of the state of ocean fishing fleet was more than USD 680,000 in 2015.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Consider Possibility Of Establishing Shipping Company

The date of emergence of the first ferry is 1 March and the date for the next ferry is the end of March.

CMA CGM To Produce Wooden Containership

The CMA CGM company, one of the world's largest container carriers, began to produce the branded wooden toys-containerships.

Maersk Line To Reduce Land Based Staff By 4,000 Positions

Maersk Line, Danish shipping company, announced the reducing of land based staff by at least 4,000 positions by the end of 2017.

Meet Newcastlemax: the Benefits of Working with Large-Tonnage Vessels at Ukrainian Ports

The latest achievement at the Yuzhny port a Newcastlemax-class was loaded at berth. How does this affect the revenue of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) and how can stevedores and cargo owners benefit from the use of such "maritime heavyweights?"

Infrastructure Ministry Secures Abolition Of Control Of Segregated Ballast

Minister of Infrastructure Andrii Pyvovarskyi recently blocked an attempt by ecologists to create a similar corruption scheme.

Surprise Inspection At Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company

The arrival of the 15-person inspection commission "strangely coincided with head's rejection of the deputy minister’s proposal to resign."

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