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Nibulon Launches Third New-Generation Tugboat

Similar tugboats “Yurii Makarov” and “Anatolii Hankevych” were launched earlier.

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority To Buy Icebreaker For UAH 2.2 Billion And Add 19 Vessels To Its Fleet

USPA intends to buy about 20 vessels

China’s CNTIC To Help Upgrade Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company’s Fleet

The shipping company plans to finance the implementation of this strategy with foreign loans.

Kiliya Shipyard Launches New Barge For First Time 10 Years

The Kiliya shipyard plans to build another barge of this type this this year.

Kherson Shipyard Extends 96-Meter Bulk Carrier By 23 Meters

The modernization contract is worth about USD 1 million.

Ust-Dunaisk Port Receives First Cruise Ship From Europe In 2017

The Nestroy vessel operates on the Vienna-Vilkove route.

Chornomorsk Port Handles 232 Ships Since Beginning Of Year

The volume of cargo turnover in the seaport during that month was 1.384 million

Ukrrichflot Adds New Vessel To Its Fleet

The container ship was built in 1998

Ukrainian Port In Vietnam May Be Sold To Revive Black Sea Shipping Line

The Black Sea Shipping Line has a debt of about USD 5.8 million.

Ukraine Co-Owns One Of Asia’s Major Ports

The port ranks among the largest in Vietnam.

High-Speed Passenger Hydrofoils To Be Launched From Kherson Region To Odesa

The travel time in one direction is expected to be 3 hours 20 minutes.

Smart Maritime Group Repairs Or Upgrades 46 Vessels In 2016

The main contract was for construction of a 22-meter garbage oil collector vessel

Japan’s Largest Shipping Company NYK Eyeing Chornomorsk Port

The Japanese rated the port’s infrastructure as satisfactory.

Rada To Open Ukrainian Rivers To Foreign Vessels

The number of vessels operating under the Ukrainian flag reduces every year.

Ukraine Decides To Sell Black Sea Shipping Company

The initial value of the company’s fixed assets was UAH 180.4 million

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company Adds 60 Vessels To Its Fleet

The contract for construction of the barges was concluded during the Soviet era.

China Using Icebreaker Bought From Ukraine For Arctic Research For Over 20 Years

Xue Long icebreaker was acquired from Ukraine in 1993.

UDP Launches New Tourist Route From Danube Delta To Central Europe

Previously, the company operated only as a ship owner leasing vessels to travel companies.

Poland To Build Sea Canal Bypassing Russia By 2021

The new canal will help to attract cargoes to the port of Elblag.

Nibulon To Begin Transporting Passengers On High-Speed Hydrofoil Boats

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