The ETC Terminal, which is located in Chelm (Poland), 25 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, has built the first of two hangars for temporary storage of grain, which will later be sent to Spain in containers.

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Rail Expo publication.

The ETC Terminal’s Managing Director Kacper Wieczorek noted that the dry port is increasing its transshipment capacity within a short period and preparing for transshipment of corn in Spanish containers.

"Renfe containers equipped with special large bags for transporting grain will arrive in Chelm in late August. The Polish subsidiary of DB Cargo will deliver a loaded fleet to the Lodz Spedcont terminal in Lodz and 600 tons of corn in 25 containers will subsequently be sent to the port in Barcelona via Duisburg," he said.

The Spanish railway operator Renfe Mercancías, together with the Spanish Ministry of Transport of Spain, is thus implementing a pilot project for delivery of corn in containers to test the feasibility of rail transportation of grain from Ukraine.