The State Road Service (Ukravtodor) has announced that 11 temporary crossings have been opened to traffic near destroyed bridges in the Kharkiv region, the CFTS portal reports.

"Road organizations continue to work in the liberated territories in the Kharkiv region. As of today, 611 kilometers of roads have been cleared, of which 24 kilometers are streets in Balakliia, Izium, and Kupiansk," Ukravtodor said in a statement.

According to the statement, 222 workers and 106 pieces of road repair equipment were involved in road repair works on 17 November.

Road construction workers are repairing the surfaces of roads leading to liberated settlements, particularly those that were damaged during military operations.

Repair works are taking place on Highway M-03 Kyiv - Kharkiv - Dovzhanskyi, Highway H-26 Chuhuiv - Milove, Highway T-21-11 Chuhuiv - Pechenyi - Velikyi Burluk, Highway T-21-10 Shevchenkove - Balakliia - Pervomayskyi - Kehychivka, Highway T-21 -11 Chuhuiv - Pechenyi - Velikyi Burluk, Highway R-79 /M-18/ - Sakhnovshchyna - Izium - Kupiansk - Piski Checkpoint, and Highway R-78 Kharkiv - Zmiiv - Balakliia - Horokhovatka.

"Also, we continue to build temporary crossings and dismantle destroyed bridges in the Kharkiv region," Ukravtodor said in the statement.

The highways M-03, T-21-11, T-21-17, T-21-10, T-21-22, and T-21-04 have already been opened to traffic via 11 artificial structures.

Work is ongoing on seven other facilities.