The Bozburun - M and Gokova M bulk carriers left the Ukrainian seaports taking part in the Black Sea Grain Initiative Bokova, which established a humanitarian maritime corridor to allow ships to export grain and other foodstuffs from Ukraine, last weekend. Each of the vessels was transporting 40,000 tons of wheat to Ethiopia, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, these are the eighth and ninth vessels chartered by the United Nations World Food Program as part of aid to African and Asian countries.

Eight vessels carrying a total of 342,000 tons of agricultural products left the ports of Greater Odesa for countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe on Saturday and Sunday, the Ministry of Infrastructure said.

Since August 1, 483 vessels have exported 11.6 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products from Ukrainian ports under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.