The Air Onix airline company suspended flights from the Kiev international airport on December 11. A source in the industry told the Center for Transport Strategies that the suspension of operations was connected to the airline company’s debt to airport ground handling companies, which are refusing to provide services to it until it pays all its debts. The source did not specify the amount of the debt.

According to the source, disruptions in the airline company’s operations began last when passengers were flying from Kiev with significant delays.

The source added that Air Onix is promising to pay its debt and resume its operations at the beginning of 2014.

According to another source, the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has also suspended services to Air Onix.

The Interavia ground handling company confirmed to the CFTS that a substantial debt exists, but it declined to provide details, including the amount of the debt.

The CFTS has not yet been able to obtain comments from the airline company. Follow the development of events on the CFTS portal.

The Air Onix airline company was founded in 2007. It performed its first flight on April 28, 2012. It is based at the Simferopol international airport. It has a fleet of two Boeing 737-500, one Boeing 737-300, and one Boeing 737-400 aircraft. The airline company currently operates regular flights from Simferopol to Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, and Tbilisi and from Kiev to Bratislava and Donetsk.