A Ukrainian-German business forum was held in Berlin at the end of October with the participation of the heads of governments of both countries and representatives of more than 600 German and Ukrainian companies.

In her speech at the forum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel named the aircraft manufacturing industry among the most promising sectors of the Ukrainian economy. She stressed, "Ukraine has a good basis for economic development. The high level of qualification combined with a sufficiently large domestic market will create good preconditions for this. Ukraine has a number of well-developed sectors. I have in mind the agricultural sector and the mechanical engineering industry, particularly the aircraft manufacturing industry. In addition, I would like to say that the German Bundeswehr used Antonov aircraft in its operations in Afghanistan, and they were sufficiently reliable."

For many years, Germany has remained one of the regular users of services involving transportation of various super heavy and oversized cargoes by AN-124-100 aircraft. The AN-124-100 aircraft that are used for the SALIS (Strategic Airlift Interim Solution) program are based in Leipzig. In addition, German companies are collaborating with Antonov on creation of new Antonov aircraft, including the family of AN-148 and AN-158 multipurpose aircraft.

Addressing the participants of the forum, the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s Vice President Serhii Semovonik invited all industrial enterprises in the German aircraft manufacturing industry and companies supplying aircraft systems and equipment to cooperate with his company.

"Import substitution and modernization of production are our company’s strategic areas of development. Therefore, we are initiating joint efforts with German companies in production of the AN-132 and AN-178 advanced transport aircraft," said Semovonik.

By decision of the government of Ukraine, control of the Antonov aircraft manufacturing enterprise, the Kharkov State Aircraft Production Enterprise, and the state-owned 410 GA Plant has been transferred to the Ukroboronprom state defense concern, which unites more than 20 enterprises in the aircraft manufacturing industry.