The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has begun the general assembly of the fuselage of an An-178 transport aircraft commissioned by the Interior Affairs Ministry of Peru.

As the CFTS portal reported, citing information from the state aircraft manufacturing enterprise, the nose section of the fuselage was installed on the aircraft assembly jig a few days ago. Previously, the floor, formers, and side panels of the cargo compartment were also installed on the assembly jig.

As previously reported, production of the central part of the wing, the left and right outboard sections of the wing, and the tail assembly has also been completed. Two engine pylons are ready for installation on the aircraft fuselage.

The supply chain for the new An-178 aircraft includes 25 Ukrainian companies and about 30 European and North American companies. A major Ukrainian bank, as well as three foreign banking and financial institutions, are involved in organizing the implementation of the contract.

The configuration of the aircraft ordered by the Peruvian Ministry of Interior Affairs will allow transportation of up to 100 personnel, transportation of 80 passengers, delivery of up to 18 tons of goods, and evacuation of 40 patients on stretchers with the possibility provision of medical assistance by accompanying medical personnel.

As reported previously, the contract with the Peruvian ministry was signed last autumn. The contract provides for production and delivery of the aircraft and provision of a package of services involving training, maintenance, and extension of the warranty.

The An-178 aircraft completed its maiden flight in May 2015. Antonov later embarked on substitution of aircraft components import from Russia.

The An-178 aircraft has a speed of 825 kilometers per hour, a flight altitude of 12.2 kilometers, and a flight range of 5,500 kilometers. The aircraft has a unique fuselage shape and a ramp for loading and unloading cargoes within the loading gauge. The aircraft is capable of landing and taking off from any airfield, including unpaved airfields.