The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise has not manufactured a single airplane in 2016. One of the reasons for this is a shortage of money for replacing Russian components and upgrading manufacturing facilities that have not been upgraded since the Soviet era, LIGABiznesInform writes.

The enterprise managed to assemble only two aircraft (one An-148 and one AN-158) in 2015.

As reported, Antonov has produced and sold 16 aircraft over the past five years: six An-32, four An-148, and six An-158 aircraft. The enterprise’s most successful year was 2012, when it produced six aircraft and sold eight.

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According to estimates of by Antonov, the enterprise needs a minimum of USD 703.2 million to launch serial production of a line of aircraft, but it does not have the money. The cost of replacing imported Russian components is estimated at USD 77.5 million (excluding the work that has already been done). USD 625.7 million is needed for modernization of facilities and launch of serial production under three programs: An-148/158 aircraft (USD 244.8 million to launch a program for production of 24 aircraft per year), An-178 aircraft (USD 225.5 for six aircraft), and An-132 aircraft (USD 155.4 million for production of six aircraft per year).

If it manages to attract financing during the period of 2018-2021, Antonov is ready to produce nearly 100 aircraft: 60 An-148/158, 18 An-178, and 18 An-132 aircraft.

"Not a single aircraft has been built at a profit in the past 10 years,” said Mykhailo Hvozdev, the head of the Ukrainian Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, which includes Antonov. “We have an image of a new aircraft without Russian components, but there are no markets for it. We know how to produce this airplane cost-effectively. However, nobody will buy an aircraft if our own government is not interested in it. What we need more than money is assistance in organizing a leasing company to ensure that these airplanes fly."