The management of the Antonov state enterprise has said that all the rights to the An-2 and An-124 airplanes are owned by the enterprise. The Antonov state enterprise’s President/General Designer Dmytro Kiva said this at a press conference on Friday, the CFTS reports

"All the rights belong to the Antonov firm. We have a certificate issued for the An-2 airplane by the State Aviation Service. We are currently upgrading it by installing Zaporozhe-made turboprop engines (MS-14 engines produced by the Motor Sich company) on it.

“It is currently undergoing flight tests. As for the An-124 – since people are also talking about it – all the rights to it are owned by the Antonov firm,” said Kiva.

As reported, the director of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade’s aviation industry department, Andrei Boginsky, recently said that Airbus Military owned the design documentation and intellectual property rights to the An-2 aircraft.

The An-2 is a multipurpose biplane that is used as an agricultural, sports, transport, and passenger aircraft. It is in service in the air forces of many countries. With 18,000 produced, the An-2 is one of the most mass-produced aircraft in history. Its production in Poland continued until 2002.