The Aviakor aircraft manufacturing plant (Samara, Russia) has postponed its plan to increase production of An-140 airplanes because it has not finished the work on an investment program. The plant’s General Director Aleksei Gusev announced this, the Samara Today publication reports, citing the RIA Novosti news agency.

"We have not finished the work on the investment program. Therefore, we cannot double the volume now," he said.

It was reported in March that Aviakor was planning to build up to 10 An-140 airplanes per year to meet the need for regional transport airplanes in the Far East. In addition, it was reported in April that a contract had been signed for supply of three airplanes to the Russian Defense Ministry, and the Russian navy took delivery of the first of eight An-140 airplanes in the same month under a contract signed earlier.

According to Gusev, Aviakor is implementing a program for modernization of equipment and attraction of new personnel. "It is huge work that requires significant investment," the general director said without specifying the amount of investment. According to earlier reports, the investment amounts to RUB 1.5 billion (USD 45 million).