The AvtoVAZ automobile manufacturer (Russia), which is a former long-time leader on the Ukrainian automobile market, has not delivered automobiles to Ukraine since the beginning of this year, the publication reports, citing Izvestiya.

"The first quarter of every year is traditionally set aside for clarifying plans and signing export contracts," the company's press service said, explaining the reason for the current situation. However, automobile dealers are saying that the signing of contracts for the coming year’s deliveries usually takes place at the end of the current year and that the first automobiles start arriving in February-March.

This year, a contract for supply of new automobiles to Ukraine was signed between AvtoVAZ and UkravtoVAZ (the official distributor of Lada automobiles) only on March 17. According to the most optimistic forecasts by Ukrainian dealers, delivery of new automobiles will begin after one month or two. The updated versions of the Kalina and Priora automobiles will reach Ukraine even later - around the end of the year.

As reported, sales of AvtoVAZ automobiles in Ukraine halved last year. Their share of total automobile sales during the year reduced from 8% to 4%. Just 8-10 years ago, every third car sold in Ukraine was a Lada.

AvtoVAZ exported 78,600 Lada cars last year, 11.4% more than it exported in 2013. The largest export markets for them were Kazakhstan (72%), Ukraine (9%), Azerbaijan (6%), and European countries (4%).