The management of the Boryspil international airport deliberately entered into a disadvantageous contract for ground handling of aircraft with a Ukrainian airline, reports, citing the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

The airline involved was not named. According to the report, the airport’s officials provided airport services at below-cost prices, as a result of which the state lost large amounts of money.

The report probably refers to the discounts granted to Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) because in an open letter to the Minister of Infrastructure one year ago, the Independent Trade Union of Aviation Safety Workers drew attention to the provision of certain services to this airline at below-cost prices.

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In addition, the letter stated that multimillion-hryvnia losses were inflicted on the Boryspil airport as a result of the conclusion of the supplementary agreement No. 30 with UIA on 27 February 2014, which provided for granting the airline discounts on airport fees and ground handling services, as well as setting prices no higher than the cost price.

The SSU recently announced that it had uncovered corrupt practices by the management of the Boryspil airport. According to the SSU, these practices included provision of services in the VIP Hall of the airport’s Terminal D at great discounts to certain categories of citizens that did not qualify for such discounts.