Yurii Solonchuk, whose candidacy for the post of director of the Boryspil airport has been selected for submission to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval, favors corporatization of the airport, but he opposes its privatization. Solonchuk stated this in an interview with the Business publication.

"It has to be corporatized. It should be an internationally accepted model, a joint stock company. It will be up to the government to decide whether it will be a 100% state-owned company or whether a certain proportion of the shares in it will be sold. However, the Boryspil airport can also develop successfully as a state enterprise," said Solonchuk.

He added that now the company can also develop now, but from the viewpoint of international economics, the airport will have greater prospects and opportunities to increase its revenues if it existed in the form of a joint-stock company.

Solonchuk also said that the airport’s director would not be the highest decision maker if it operated as a joint-stock company. "Disposal of property will be handled by the joint-stock company, i.e. the supervisory board. In this case, decisions are made not by the general director or the board chairman. Instead, there is a council and organs that control all processes. This is a business model that is more transparent and more attractive to investors and creditors," he said.