The Boryspil airport is hoping to attract low-cost airline companies after it is able to lower its tariffs for services at the terminal F, the airport’s General Director Anton Volov announced in an interview with CFTS.

"Right now, we are technically fully ready to receive low-cost airline companies. We have reformatted the terminal F for this, but the issue is the cost of services. No low-cost airline company will agree to pay the full price for limited services. However, the tariffs for a low-cost airline company and a classic airline company that receives the full range of services are the same and the tariffs are strictly regulated by the executive authorities," said Volov.

According to him, airports entice low-cost airline companies with large-scale discounts of up to 90% in the first years of airline operations.

The airport is currently waiting for the Ministry of Infrastructure to approve differentiated tariffs for the terminal F or grant the airport the right to set its own tariffs.

All tariffs are currently regulated by orders of the Ministry of Infrastructure, said Volov. He added that the rights of the airport are not clearly defined despite the order No. 745 of December 19, 2012, which provides for the possibility of granting discounts. Therefore, it is impossible to rely on the provisions of the order in practice.