The government continues to study the idea of construction of concrete roads near Ukrainian ports, where road surfaces are subject to accelerated wear because heavy vehicles are driven on them.

"The Ministry of Infrastructure and the road agency have been discussing the issue of construction of concrete roads in the southern regions, i.e. in the areas near ports, for some time. We are currently studying the economic feasibility of such projects, and we will build them if they are feasible," First Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yevhen Kravtsov said during Infrastructure Day at the European Business Association (EBA).

The State Road Service’s head Slawomir Nowak noted that concrete roads are quite expensive and that their cost can be recouped only in the port areas.

"Concrete is more expensive than asphalt. Therefore, projects in which they are economically justified are needed. Apart from the southern regions, concrete roads will be money down the drain. Concrete can last 20-25 years, but we need to count every penny and save money. Therefore, concrete roads can be built only at exits from ports. In other regions, it is necessary to use new construction technologies," said Novak.

As reported, the Ministry of Infrastructure announced half a year ago that it was studying the issue of construction of concrete roads, but it turned out that even more time was needed. According to Roman Khmil, the former curator of reform of the road industry at the Ministry of Infrastructure, only 1% of the roads in Ukraine are concrete roads, compared with 20-30% in Europe. "The main advantage of a concrete road is that it has a service life of 30 years (compared to 7-8 years for asphalt roads). In addition, they can handle double the load," he said in April 2015.