The DP Container Terminal Odessa (DP CTO) company, a subsidiary of the German holding company Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), has completed the construction of the fourth start-up facility for a new container terminal on the Quarantine mole.

The Odesa Port Authority announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

According to the statement, the company is implementing this project, which is one of the largest in the maritime industry, jointly with the Ukrainian Seaports Administration (USPA).

"The fourth startup complex is a six-lane container storage and handling site with all the communications facilities. It is equipped with modern Liebcherr pneumatic gantry container handlers," the statement said.

According to the German company, the amount of investment in this facility is more than EUR 20 million.

"Today we present the implementation of the next stage of investment within the framework of the project to expand the container terminal at the Quarantine Mole, which increases the terminal's capacity by 300,000 TEU. The completion of the construction of the fourth start-up complex is another step towards the implementation of the plan to create a high-tech container terminal in the Odesa seaport with a capacity of more than 1.2 million TEU per year. As of today, the German side has invested more than EUR 120 million in the project," said Anastas Kokkin, the general director of DP CTO.

"The Odessa container terminal is diversifying its operations. Along with transshipment of containers, it offers its clients a service involving transshipment of general and project cargoes… The commissioning of the fourth start-up complex of the new container terminal on the Quarantine Mole, which DP CTO is building jointly with the USPA, will strengthen the Odesa port’s competitive position in the container transshipment market," said Denis Karpov, the Odesa port authority’s deputy head of operations.

According to the statement, in addition to expanding the container terminal at the Quarantine Mole, HHLA has announced the creation of the Ukrainian Intermodal Company (UIC), which will develop railway container transportation, including transportation from the Odesa port. To this end, Container Terminal Odessa is implementing an investment project to double the terminal's capacity to handle regular container trains.