Air traffic between Russia and other countries continues to decline. Three major European airlines - Lufthansa, British Airways and SAS - announced the reduction of flights to Russia, Bloomberg reports.

A week later, with the beginning of winter schedule, Lufthansa stopped flights to the airports of Vnukovo (Moscow), Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. It will reduce number of weekly flights to 63, which are carried out to the airports of Domodedovo (Moscow) and St. Petersburg. Four years ago, the number of flights to Russia amounted to 153 and was carried out in nine directions.

SAS Airlines will cease flights on the Copenhagen-Moscow route in March 2016. At the same time, the British lowcost airline asyJet will cancel service in Russian.

UK national carrier British Airways will continue flights on the London-Moscow route, but it will be served by aircrafts with a smaller capacity.

Furthermore, last Thursday, October 15,Air Berlin announced the ceasing of flights from Dusseldorf and Berlin to Moscow, and also from Berlin to Kaliningrad.