Heiko Poehlemann replaced Dirk Battermann as the general director of HPC Ukraina on July 5, the company has announced on its website.

"We would like to inform you about the recent completion of the phased transition of powers in the executive management of SC HPC Ukraina,” the company said in a statement to its partners. Poehlemann previously held the post of executive director of HPC Ukraina.

Battermann, who successfully managed the company for over 12 years, officially officially resigned from his post, but he will remain with the company as executive director for special projects.

As reported, the HPC Ukraina company is implementing an investment project involving construction of a container terminal at Quarantine Mole at the Odessa port. The company, which is a subsidiary of Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH (HPC), began implementing the project at Quarantine Mole in 2010. HPC Ukraina presently operates a container terminal with a capacity of 700,000 TEU in Odessa, and the project involving construction of the Quarantine Mole terminal is a aimed at expanding the existing terminal through reclamation of 19.3 hectares of alluvial territory.

The new terminal project involves construction of two berths with a total length of 650 meters and a depth of 15 meters, open storage spaces with a total area of over 65,000 square meters, and a breakwater with a length of 900 meters. The project also involves construction of shore protection structures with a length of 920 meters, connection of the reclaimed area to the existing one, and dredging of the water area.

The new terminal, the first phase of which is scheduled for commissioning this year, is expected to enable the Odessa port to receive modern container ships with increased capacity (in in the first stage, in will be able to receive container ships with a container capacity of 8,000 TEU, a length of up to 323 meters, a width of up to 42.8 meters, and a loaded draft of 14 meters). In the future, after implementation of the subsequent phases, the terminal will be able to receive container vessels with a length of up to 364 meters, a width of up to 47 meters, a draft of up to 15.5 meters, and a container capacity of up to 10,000 TEU.

The design capacity of the new container terminal at Quarantine Mole is 600,000 TEU. After its full development, the Odessa merchant seaport will have a total container handling capacity of 1.3 million TEU.