The Kherson airport is in talks with Uzbekistan Airways on launching Kherson-Tashkent flights in November, reports, citing the airport’s Deputy General Director Yurii Sidoriuk.

According to him, the status of the flights - whether they will be operated as regular flights or as charter flights - is currently being discussed.

The airport will also resume negotiations with airlines on the possibility of launching flights to Kherson from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Tel Aviv, which have been interrupted by the difficult political situation in the country.

The Kherson airport is currently preparing for the winter. It has installed lighting and radio equipment and it is currently fine-tuning them. According to Sidoriuk, this will allow operation of flights to Kherson when weather conditions deteriorate.

Turkish Airlines has been operating flights from Istanbul to the Kherson airport since October 15. The frequency of the flights is four per week, but it may be increased to one flight per day if demand increases.

The Kherson airport is an alternative to Simferopol for residents of the Crimea. It is located 264 kilometers from Simferopol while Odessa, from where international flights are performed, is located 466 kilometers from there.

Only international flights to Russian cities, which are positioned as internal flights, are now operated from Simferopol