The Kyiv city administration may make changes to the leaderships of transport companies because of disagreements over the issue of introduction of electronic travel tickets. The Kyiv city administration’s deputy head Mykhailo Kostiuk announced this to reporters.

"These are small appanage princelings sitting on streams and playing around with figures. My proposal is to dismiss such appanage princelings to free up the transport space for operation and create normal conditions for the people of Kiev,” said Kostiuk.

According to him, those who are "spoiling the pace of introduction” of the single electronic ticket and "playing appanage princelings" should be dismissed

"The position of the subway is complicated. There is no desire to be modern and mobile. It is necessary to correct this shortcoming and work more with the team,” he said.

As reported, Volodymyr Fedorenko is the head of Kyivskyi Metropoliten, the municipal enterprise that operates the Kiev subway system. As reported by the website, the director of the Kyiv city administration’s department of transport infrastructure, Yevhen Vodovozov, said on November 13 that the introduction of a single electronic travel ticket in Kyiv had been postponed to July 1 because of the unconstructive position of the head of Kyivskyi Metropoliten. He did not disclose details of the disagreement.