The user base and partner drivers of Uber are increasing by an average of 50% per month. This is four times faster than the rate of increase in Warsaw. Uber’s general manager in Ukraine Arkadii Vershebeniuk unveiled the data for the company’s four months of operation on Thursday, 3 November, the CFTS correspondent reports.

The company believes that Kyiv will overtake Warsaw in terms of ride volume at the beginning of 2017 if this pace of development is maintained. Warsaw is currently the company’s largest market in Central and Eastern Europe.

In its four months of operation in Kyiv, Uber has registered about 200,000 new users. More than 1 million people regularly launch the Uber application in Kyiv.

According to Uber, the average car delivery time in Kyiv is less than 5 minutes and the average rating of drivers is 4.88 out of 5. According to Vershebeniuk, the company intends to improve these figures.

Thirty percent of Uber drivers work about 30 hours a week, combining travel with other work.