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Uber Shuttle Trip To Cost UAH 15-30 In Kyiv

Uber Shuttle buses will operate on two routes in the capital city.

Uber Launches UberVAN Service In Kyiv

The uberVAN service will use vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz Vito, Volkswagen Transporter, Mitsubishi Grandis, and others.

Uber Launches In Zaporizhia

Cash and non-cash payments are accepted.

Uber Launching UberSELECT Service In Odesa

The minimum fare will be UAH 55.

Uber Raises Fares In Kyiv

The company attributed the rate increase to a desire to attract more drivers

Uber To Launch UberKIDS And UberEATS Services In Ukraine

A car equipped with a special seat for transporting children will respond to your call.

Uber Launches Premium Service In Ukraine

The base fare is UAH 85 plus charges of UAH 10 per kilometer

Gyro Scooter And Parrot: What Passengers Forgot In Uber Cars In Ukraine

The most unusual items left in Uber cars include a wedding ring

Uber Launches In Kharkiv

The cost of a single free trip cannot exceed UAH 75.

HopinTaxi Closes Operations In Ukraine

The company now intends to develop corporate transport services

Uber Launches In Dnipro

The minimum fare is UAH 14.

Uber Launches In Lviv

Lviv is the third Ukrainian city in which the Uber service has launched

Uber Launches In Odesa

The company has announced a promotional campaign

Kyiv Market Four Times More Dynamic Than Warsaw Market – Uber

Uber has registered about 200,000 new users in Kyiv

Uber-Like Service For Truckers Launched In Ukraine

A2B Direct offers searches for the optimal cargo carrier

Infrastructure Ministry To Regulate Uber And Other Online Taxi Booking Services

Ministry of Infrastructure intends to liberalize the taxi service industry in Ukraine

Uber To Begin Accepting Cash Payment For Rides In Kyiv

The cash payment option will be available alongside the familiar card payment option

Uber Launches UberSELECT Service In Kyiv

The cars offered on UberSELECT in Kyiv include Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata an others.

Uber Unveils Its Fares In Kyiv

Uber began operation in Kyiv today on June 30. The fare consists of three components.

Second Ukrainian City In Which Uber Will Launch After Kyiv Disclosed

After launching the Uber taxi service in Kyiv, the company intends to launch operation in Lviv. Ilia Konigstein, an adviser to the mayor of Lviv, announced this.

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