The Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Forum will be held in Kyiv on March 31. The aims of the forum are presentation of all the major transport infrastructure projects that will be implemented in Ukraine through the PPP and concession mechanisms and discussion of these projects by all the major stakeholders, including current and potential investors.

The participants in the forum will analyze government policies and strategies, as well as ways of implementing the National Transport Strategy; study international experience in deciding how best to finance and implement major projects in the area of transport infrastructure, with examples from neighboring countries.

Pilot concession projects in seaports will be reviewed, updated information about the status of applications and the progress of the projects will be provided, and the timetable for the next four major concessions will be presented.

The participants in the forum will also discuss toll-road concession projects, the timeframes for them, and the priority projects in this area.

In addition, they will discuss the airports, both large and regional, for which concession tenders will be held and the best concession model.

The participants in the forum will review the current operations of state enterprises and their plans to enter international capital markets and analyze the Ukrainian Railway company’s preparations for an international IPO and the current mood of investors.

They will also discuss how to ensure that private-sector experience in project management and financial discipline can be applied in transport infrastructure projects in Ukraine.

The organizers of the forum note the fact that the concession instrument is already being used in the Ukrainian port industry.

According to them, the concession model will also be used to implement projects involving railway infrastructure, major and regional airports, and toll roads. In addition, international financial organizations are providing significant amounts of funds for financing modernization, and the private sector is already participating in development of major port projects.

The organizer of the forum is the Strategy Council.

The forum will be held at the Premier Palace Hotel, which is located at 5-7/29 Taras Shevchenko Boulevard/Pushkinska Street, in Kyiv on March 31, 2020.

More information is about the forum available on the website of the organizers.