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Kyiv plans to build a large shelter next to the subway depot in the Darnytsia district of Kyiv.

This was announced by Dmytro Pinchuk, deputy head of Kyivskyi Metropoliten, the utility company that operates the Kyiv subway, the CFTS portal reports, citing Big Kyiv.

"It is planned to build a civil defense protective structure (shelter) on the territory of the electric depot, which will be used as a shelter for the company's employees in case of emergencies and air raid alerts," he said.

Currently, the rolling stock that runs daily on Kyiv subway routes is stored and repaired at the depot, along with 50 railcars donated by Western countries that are awaiting upgrades.

The construction of a separate shelter that is not located at a subway station was envisaged in the city’s draft “Special Program for the Development of Kyiv's Transport Infrastructure in 2024-2025.”

At that time, it was also proposed to allocate UAH 30 million for the construction of shelters on Kyiv's green and blue subway lines.