The LEO Express transport company (Czech Republic) will increase the number of bus services from the Zakarpattia region to Slovakia, with transfers to Prague-bound trains, because of an increase in the volume of passenger traffic on the Mukacheve-Prague route. The bus operator will launch an additional bus service on the Mukacheve-Uzhhorod-Kosice route on December 11, which will enable passengers to travel from the Zakarpattia region to the Czech capital at the cost of just EUR 14.8, the company said.

The bus will depart from Mukacheve at 23:00 and from Uzhhorod at 00:20. It will arrive at the Kosice train station at 04:30 and depart for Prague at 05:00. Thus, passengers will be able to reach the Czech capital at 13:19.

The return trip from Kosice will start at 05:00. It is scheduled around a night train from Prague, which will depart from the Czech capital at 20:13 and arrive in Slovakia’s second at 04:32. Passengers will arrive in Uzhhorod at 10:15 and in Mukacheve at 11:25.

On the way from Kosice to Mukacheve, the bus will make stops in Michalovce, Sobrance, and Uzhhorod.

A LEO Express bus currently runs from Mukacheve to Kosice once per day. It departs from Mukacheve at 17:30 and from Uzhhorod at 18:30 and arrives in Kosice at 22:30. From there, passengers can transfer to a Prague-bound train, which arrives at the final station at 07:19. On the return trip, the bus departs from Kosice at 23:15, arrives in Uzhhorod at 04:36, and arrives in Mukacheve at 05:40. This service connects to a train from Prague, which departs from the Czech capital at 14:13 and arrives in Kosice at 22:38.

LEO Express trains traveling from Kosice to Prague make stops in major cities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Presov, Poprad, Zilina, Ostrava, Olomouc, and Pardubice. Passengers can also transfer to trains operated by other companies, such as ZSSK, České dráhy, RegioJet, and ARRIVA. 

As reported earlier, the LEO Express company began operating in Ukraine in October 2015, when it launched a bus service on the Mukacheve-Uzhhorod-Kosice route. The Czech operator launched a bus service from Lviv to Vienna via Krakow and Brno in June this year.