Representatives of the VINCI company (France) will visit Ukraine in December this year with the intention of starting implementation of road projects in the country.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Nadia Kaznacheeva announced this during an expert discussion of construction investment projects and operation of the Odesa-Reni highway, which was organized by the CFTS portal.

In particular, the deputy minister said, "The VINCI company, Europe's largest concession operator, is attempting for the fifth time to enter Ukraine, but it has always been rejected. They are ready and they have a huge interest in roads and bridges. They will come again in December."

The French company VINCI Highways is an operator of road infrastructure. The company operates more than 20 concession facilities outside France, including roads, suburban highways, tunnels, and bridges. The total length of roads managed by the company outside France is about 1,600 kilometers.

VINCI Highways operates in 11 countries and its operations cover the design, financing, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure facilities. The company operates in Canada, Germany, the United States, Greece, Russia, Portugal, Slovakia, etc.

The company's investment in construction amounted to EUR 485 million in 2015.