The management of the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant has complained to the Belarussian minister of transport that there is a shortage of freight cars for transporting the plant’s products.

This is stated in the relevant letter, the CFTS portal reports, citing the GMK Center portal.

According to the letter, most of the freight cars in Belarus are used to transport military equipment for the Russian Federation while the local industry is experiencing a shortage of rolling stock.

"The problem is that the railway is so busy providing military transport services that it refuses to carry the company's products. The constant shortage of wagons can lead to a halt in production," the letter states.

The plant began experiencing significant problems with the transportation of export products in the second half of September.

According to the plant, there are shortages of both state and private freight cars on the market.

According to the letter, 602 gondola cars were needed as of 4 October 2022 in addition to the number estimated in the main transport plan for October this year, but the Belarusian Railway refuses to provide them.