There are plans to put two additional 1520-mm gauge tracks into operation at the Yahodyn-Dorohusk border crossing (Poland). 

The Polish minister of agriculture’s representative on development of cooperation with Ukraine Rafal Mladanowicz discussed this possibility with representatives of the DB Cargo Polska and PKP Cargo S.A. rail carriers, the PKP PLK infrastructure operator, and the ETC Terminal (Chelm). 

The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Rail Insider publication. 

The ETC Terminal’s Operations Director Adam Mojski said that the Dorohusk station will apply for safety certificates for two 1520-mm gauge tracks based on an agreement between PKP PLK and the Polish Ministry of Agriculture. 

"For now, they will be transformed as a buffer for trains going to Dorohusk. This will enable us to stabilize deliveries to our terminal. There is no need to wait for inspections and formalities at the border. The train will wait for unloading at PKP PLK’s spare tracks and proceed to the border without delays after space is freed up at the terminal," Mojski clarified. 

The ETC Terminal’s Logistics Manager Andrei Dzyubenko explained the importance of this decision. "Currently, there are only three tracks in Dorohusk on which trains can enter and leave Ukraine. According to railway workers, the track is made by the train. Currently, the volume of requests at all overland crossings is 5–10 times more than the throughput capacity, because of which lines of railcars have been formed," he said 

Another area in which ETC Terminal is working is the simplification and acceleration of customs procedures at border crossing points. 

"Customs procedures take approximately 12 hours, and only after customs clearance are trains delivered to the terminal. This means that faster completion of customs procedures will unlock entry for the next train," Dzyubenko said.