The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing a project for construction of a cargo terminal at Boryspil airport on the terms of public-private partnership (PPP).

The Boryspil airport’s Director General Pavlo Riabikin announced this to reporters on May 23, the CFTS portal correspondent reports.

"A competition to participate in a public-private partnership for construction of the freight terminal is currently being prepared at the Ministry of Infrastructure. We could have already begun the preparatory work but we are in limbo because the governing body decided to hold a competition for a public-private partnership for construction of the cargo terminal. The conditions are currently being drafted," he said.

According to Riabikin, the new facility will be located at the site of the airport’s old cargo terminal.

"It will be located at the site of the old terminal. In fact, we have nine warehouses. Three of them are located in the reconstruction zone. We will find ourselves in very difficult operating conditions for a while, but I think we can implement it over a period of 8-12 working months. The terminal adjacent to Terminal F will be used as a cargo warehouse during the construction period. The new terminal will be located next to it. There are currently 5-6 small structures there, including the export terminal that was built in 1962 and the transit warehouse," he said.

Asked by a CFTS correspondent whether businesses were interested in participating in the PPP project, Riabikin said that a number of large companies had already applied to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

"Many have expressed interest. The Ministry of Infrastructure has received letters from the Silk Way freight company, specialized cargo concentrators, and various cargo companies. The number of interested companies is large. The question is the extent to which they are capable of implementing this project," he said.

As reported earlier, the Boryspil airport imposed temporary restrictions on acceptance of imported cargo in the period of December-January because the area and capacity of the old terminal were insufficient to handle the volume of cargo arriving at the airport, especially during peak periods.

In connection with this, Riabikin announced in February this year that the old cargo terminal would be demolished and a new one built. He said at the time that investment in construction of a new one could reach UAH 50-400 million.