The Nibulon company, which owns the shipyard of the same name, plans to increase the number of vessels built at the shipyard to 100 over the next four years. This will double the number of vessels in the company’s fleet compared with the current number. The company's General Director Oleksii Vadaturskyi announced this during the launching ceremony of a new-generation yacht named "Yurii Makarov" in Mykolaiv, the company said in a statement.

According to Vadaturskyi, the company intends to build and launch two more such vessels, which are intended for operation in shallow waters, including the northern tributaries of River Dnipro, by 1 July 2017. In addition, it will build another non-self-propelled vessel.

"Our fleet will consist of 60 vessels by 1 July and 65 by the end of the year. We will launch 15-16 fully equipped vessels with lengths of up to 150 meters every year. We intend to reach the figure of 100 vessels within four years…" Vadaturskyi said.

According to him, the company is carrying out full-scale reconstruction of the Nibulon shipyard to enable it to accommodate two production lines on its territory: for passenger and specialized vessels, as well as merchant vessels. The company intends to produce its own new-generation hydrofoil passenger vessels and small passenger liners.

With its cargo fleet continuing to increase, Nibulon will be able to transport up to 4 million tons of cargo per year on Ukrainian rivers.