The Odesa seaport’s share of container handling in Ukraine reached almost 80% in the period of January-July, the Odesa port authority has announced.

In particular, 296 vessels were processed at the Odesa seaport’s container berths (42 more then the number processed in the period of January-July 2015) and 269,464 TEU of containers were loaded (29.2% more than the quantity loaded in the same period of last year and 12.8% more than the quantity in the same period of 2014).

The two modern container terminals operating at four berths at the seaport are capable of processing four container vessels of various sizes simultaneously immediately after they enter.

"Given that a roundtrip container trip may include calls at 15-17 ports, the exclusion of vessel downtime on the roads of the port is a crucial part of the planning work for the world's shipping lines, since this is the main factor in the drafting of a clear timetable for transportation of containers on international shipping lanes, as well as timely delivery of goods to their destinations," the Odesa port authority said.

The port authority also said that there has been a trend toward an increase in the capacity utilization of the new container terminal at Quarantine Mole since the beginning of 2016. According to the port authority, 127 containerships have been processed since the start of operation of the terminal’s berths, including 85 in the first seven months of 2016.

State enterprises providing services involving handling of vessels (mooring and other operations) earned about USD 4.6 million from port charges and payments for services provided.