The oil transshipment terminal at the Reni seaport has resumed operation after reconstruction, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Nafto Rynok publication.

“In addition to transshipment of light petroleum products, the terminal is equipped with its own boiler house for steam production, which enables it to additionally transship heavy petroleum products,” said Denys Moskalenko, a Ukrainian representative of Terra Capital Limited.

The terminal consists of an oil depot with a total volume of 12,200 cubic meters, automobile and railway overpasses, and a berth capable of receiving vessels with 5,000-7,000 deadweight tons.

The company said that the terminal received a license for storage of petroleum products in 2019 and obtained the status of an excise warehouse in May 2020 after it was equipped with level meters and flow meters. “Thus, we fully comply with the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation, and the modern equipment allows us to fully regulate the volumes at the oil terminal’s inlet and outlet,” the head of the facility said.

The terminal focuses primarily on the southern region of Ukraine and Moldova. “The terminal is located in a customs control zone, so our infrastructure will be interesting to buyers whose supply routes require the use of both sea and river fleets,” Moskalenko said.

As the CFTS reported earlier, the Gafur Mammadov ship carrying a new transit cargo of bulk urea was unloaded at the Reni seaport last year.