In accordance with an order from the Ministry of Infrastructure, the state-owned Olvia stevedoring company and the state-owned Kherson commercial seaport are to inventory their assets within one month as part preparations to operate them as concessions.

The Kherson commercial seaport’s acting Director Andrii Sokolov and the Olvia stevedoring company’s head Ruslan Oliinik confirmed this information to the CFTS portal.

In addition, the assets of the Ukrainian Port Authority that are used in the operations of the Oktiabrsk specialized seaport and its infrastructure and those that are used in the operations of the Kherson seaport and its infrastructure are to be inventoried.

The abovementioned state enterprises are to specify the assets that can be operated as concessions and those that can either be bought by the concessionaire or not operated as a concession. In addition, the heads of these enterprises are to prepare proposals on the terms of concessions and tender documentation and identify the land under the objects of concession.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, the World Bank has identified Royal Haskoning (the Netherlands) as the company that will prepare a preliminary feasibility study for the Kherson commercial seaport.

The preliminary feasibility study should identify traffic flows, the priority areas of development of the seaport, and the vision for the future as part of the preparation to operate the seaport as a concession.