The Dnipropetrovsk region generated more than a quarter of all the goods that were transported by rail in Ukraine in 2016.

According to calculations by CFTS Consulting, 85.9 million tons of cargos were shipped from the Dnipropetrovsk region, 58.7 million tons from the Donetsk, 20.6 million tons from the Poltava region, 17 million tons from the Zhytomyr region, and 13.4 million tons from the Zaporizhia region. Most of the goods shipped from three of these regions were iron ore and most of the goods shipped from the Donetsk and Zhytomyr regions were coal and building materials, respectively.

"The trend toward a reduction in transportation by rail in recent years continued in 2016, but the reduction was not as sharp as it was in 2014 and 2015. It was only 2% (to 338.7 million tons)," said Pavlo Rudenko, an analyst with CFTS Consulting.

Transportation of domestic freight increased by 8% and transportation of export freight by 3%. Transportation of other types of freight reduced, including a 30% reduction in the volume of transit freight.

The top give shippers were SCM, Ferrexpo, ArcelorMittal, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, and Evraz.